Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen Layouts

A Few Thoughts on Kitchens

Below are some sample kitchen layouts. They have work triangles drawn between the sink, range, and refrigerator. In a convenient kitchen, the total length of the three legs of the triangle should not exceed 22 feet, and the dishwasher will usually be within the triangle, next to the sink.

You will notice that some of these designs are far more convenient than others. You will need to balance convenience with the overall design of your home. You should also try to leave at least 42″ between an island or peninsula and any other counter, and preferably 4 feet or more, especially if there will be an appliance door that swings into that area. There should be at least 3 feet of counter between the sink and the refrigerator. You can learn more about kitchen tapware choices at

A built-in desk is a very handy item in the kitchen. A pantry is a necessary item.

A large island or peninsula with an eating counter is especially convenient if you have room for it. They are invaluable if you entertain a lot. In this case, you may find it helpful if your guests can access the refrigerator without disturbing the all-important cook.

It is desirable to be able to see where children are when you are in the kitchen.


You will never have too many cabinets in your kitchen! Towel storage is needed in or very near each bathroom.

When you have decided on the type of layout you would like, shop for your kitchen cabinets. Wherever you find what you are interested in, such as a home center or cabinet distribution outlet, their sales, and design people will be glad to help you design your kitchen, and usually your bathrooms also.

Many have computer programs set up so that you can see what your kitchen will look like and they can print them out for you, generally at no charge in the hope that you will buy their product. You do not need to commit yourself at this point, so try to find the best deal you can. You should not actually buy cabinets until you have room to put them in. Until the kitchen actually exists, you could conceivably change the size or shape of it for a variety of reasons.

You can go through this process either before or after designing your home. Most people will design their home first, and then take the floor plan to the cabinet outlet, where their design people will fit various cabinets into the space that is available. They will typically do the same for the desired appliances, whether they deal in them or not.

Of course, if you now decide you need a bigger kitchen, you would have to change the blueprints. For this reason, you may want to verify the size of your kitchen before laying out the rooms of your home design, by tentatively deciding on a cabinet layout first. Either way, the kitchen is the most used room in the house and should receive a lot of consideration in the planning stage.

Cabinets are typically manufactured in 3-inch increments, so you should not have a problem fitting them into almost any space. Because of the wide range of sizes available, and the many configurations, including corner units that you can use, it is seldom necessary to go through the extra expense of custom-built cabinetry.

Bath Facilities

The same consideration should be given to your bathrooms, especially the master bath. Not only will you use it daily, but if you should sell your home in the future, prospective buyers will give it close scrutiny, as they will intend to use it daily. In today’s market, a master bedroom with a private bath is almost considered a necessity.

When designing kitchens and baths remember to include an exhaust fan of the appropriate size for the room. These fans must be vented to the outside and not to attic space.

A final note for this page, do not order countertops until after the cabinets have been installed. Only then should they be measured and ordered.